What can I do to help the snow removal effort?
Observe parking restrictions. Keep a safe distance from snow plows as you travel the roadways. Avoid putting snow on the street and advise your snow plow contractor of the same. Deposit snow cleared from your property to the right of your driveway (as you face the street) to reduce the amount of snow that is thrown back into your apron by city plows. Keep your sidewalks free from snow to assist pedestrians during their travels around town and lend a hand to neighbors who are unable to accomplish this task on their own. Clear a 3-foot diameter around the fire hydrants near your home in order to save valuable time in the event of an emergency.

The street sweeper will make its rounds in the spring to sweep up salt and debris that accumulates over the winter. Remember that there is no spring leaf collection. Leaves should be bagged and placed at the curb for collection on your regular trash collection day.

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