Is your price for residential power based on a fixed rate, or a variable rate?
Participation in the NOPEC program will allow you to receive a variable rate on the generation portion of your electric bill. The variable rate is equal to 6 percent off your Price to Compare. The Price to Compare represents only the generation portion of your bill, and consists of bypassable generation and certain transmission related components calculated as price per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The Price to Compare does not include your utility's distribution related components, certain transmission related components, and non-bypassable utility charges. Since the Price to Compare may change each month based on the season and your usage, the price per kWh from FirstEnergy Solutions also will change each month. As such, you receive a fixed discount (the percent off) from a variable rate (the Price to Compare), which results in a variable rate. Regardless, you are guaranteed to save 6 percent off the generation portion of your electric bill each month.

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7. Is your price for residential power based on a fixed rate, or a variable rate?
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