Committees and Commissions

The Board of Zoning Appeals may adopt from time to time such rules and regulations as it may believe necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this Housing Code and to provide for its proper interpretation. Such rules and regulations shall not conflict with or waive any of the provisions of this Housing Code or of any other code or ordinance of the City. Such rules and regulations, upon adoption by the Board, shall be on file with the Director of Buildings for public examination, and a copy of such rules and regulations shall be posted on the bulletin board in the main entrance of the City Hall for at least five days. Such rules and regulations shall have the same force and effect as all other provisions of this Housing Code and shall continue in effect until amended or revoked by the Board or by action of the City Planning Commission.  The Building Code and all other codes or ordinances of the City prescribing standards for the construction, operation, or maintenance of buildings or property, including all amendments thereto, are hereby specifically incorporated into this Housing Code as if their provisions were rewritten herein and the provisions or standards of the codes or ordinances are applicable to this Housing Code.

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Susan Sabetta - Council Representative