Community Operations Division

Community Operations Division ChartCommunity policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. The Mayfield Heights Police Community Operations Bureau was established to address these situations specifically.

Members of the Community Operations Bureau's main responsibility is to promote the Department's mission and values. We conduct community education seminars and develop programs and strategies to reduce crime in Mayfield Heights. The Traffic Bureau,  Victims Advocacy Program, School Resource Officers, Bicycle Patrol, and the Police Chaplain also fall under the Community Operations Bureau.

Residential Programs

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Citizens Police Academy
  • C.A.T.S. Academy (Citizens Academy for Teenage Students)
  • Home Safety Assessment inspections
  • Defensive Tactics for Women
  • Bike Rodeos
  • Safety talks to groups (elderly, schools, community groups)
  • Address traffic complaints.
  • Recognize/address and resolve any neighbor problem/complaint that arises.
  • Address residential complaints concerning Departments’ services.
  • Conduct traffic surveys/studies at locations of high residential concern.

Business Programs

  • Business Safety Assessment inspections
  • Develop exclusive Emergency Response Protocols for Corporations/Businesses.
  • ALiCE Training (lifesaving response to active shooter situations)
  • Crime Prevention and Safety tip programs
  • Any type of Employee Safety education/training seminars
  • Address any merchant/business/corporation complaint concerning our Departments’ services.
  • Create Merchant Shoplifter Protocols

School Resource Officers

The goal of an S.R.O. is to create and maintain safe, secure, and orderly learning environments for students, teachers, and staff. They are law-related counselors who guide students on law-related issues and act as a link to support services inside and outside the school environment. Beyond these identified roles and perhaps most importantly, S.R.O.s are positive role models for many students who are not exposed to such role models in today's society. Their presence in the schools strongly conveys that violence is unacceptable.

Mayfield Middle School S.R.O.                    Lander Elementary School S.R.O.
Contact: Corporal Joe Leskovec                    Contact: Corporal Van Snider

Bicycle Patrol

The Patrol Division mans the bike unit during the spring, summer, and fall. We encourage interaction between members of this unit and the public. This unit also promotes bicycle safety and helmet use. Bicycle rodeos are occasionally scheduled with free safety checks for participants.
Contact: Lieutenant Rodney Leonard


Scott Suydam
Division Lieutenant
440-442-2323, ext. 223