2023 Sidewalk Program

Adena Lane
Annandale Road
Ashcroft Drive
Beham Drive
Bonnie Lane (moved to 2024)

Cantwell Drive
Drayton Drive
East Miner Road (moved to 2024)

Endfield Drive
Euston Drive
Fulham Drive
Golden Gate Boulevard (moved to 2024)
Gladwin Drive
Hansford  Road
Jackie Lane (moved to 2024)
Longwood Road (Apron Repair)
Larchmont Drive
Maplewood Drive
Marshfield Raod (Apron Repair)
Orchard Heights Drive
Ridegebury Boulevard
Stafford Drive

West Miner Road (moved to 2024)

2021 Sidewalk Program  

Edgewood Road
Elmwood Road
Longwood Avenue
Maplewood Road
Mayland Avenue
Radnor Road
Rugby Road
Sunset Road
Temple Avenue
Washington Boulevard
Ridgebury along the aforementioned streets.
Oakville along the aforementioned streets.