Surface Water Improvement Fund

Funding Information
In 2010, The City of Mayfield Heights received a $231,900 grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under the provisions of the Surface Water Improvement Fund and the U.S. EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. With this grant, the City is creating a Green Infrastructure Demonstration Showcase at City Hall.

These residential, industrial, and commercial scale green infrastructure retrofits installed around City Hall will illustrate the feasibility and monitor the effectiveness of green infrastructure in areas of heavy snowfall and clay soils. This one-stop showcase will provide much needed real life examples for regulators, property owners, and residents.

Surface Water Runoff
Approximately half the surface area in Mayfield Heights is impervious, which generates a large volume of surface water runoff. As part of the Lake Erie watershed, Mayfield Heights lies within both the Euclid Creek and Chagrin River Watersheds.

In this area of Mayfield Heights there are no remaining open stream channels, however, the storm water runoff from this area drains to tributaries of the Chagrin River that exhibit stream bank channel instability due to storm water flows. This project will help reduce impacts to local waterways associated with storm water runoff.

Project Details
The Project includes 500 square foot of rain garden, 3,380 square foot of permeable concrete parking bays, and 3,780 square foot of forested parking lot, demonstrating the use of green infrastructure in residential, commercial and public settings. Each individual project can be integrated into an existing or new site.

The project provides practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions to enhance the environment and may reduce annual storm water utility fees that affect local property owners business and residents of Mayfield Heights. Strategically placed interpretive panels at the rain garden, forested parking lot, and permeable parking area will allow visitors to learn the key features of each Green Infrastructure tool and how they help improve local waterways.

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