In Memorial 

Nicholas Catalano 1956Patrolman Nicholas R. Catalano

End of Watch: December 26, 1956
Badge #4
Age: 30

A police officer's job is governed by chance and the unexpected. An officer never knows from one moment to the next where duty will take him or what the consequences will be. On Wednesday, December 26, 1956, Patrolman Nicolas Catalano was killed in a traffic accident while responding to a hold-up alarm. En route to the alarm, Patrolman Catalano's patrol car was hit by a vehicle driven by a hearing-impaired driver who could not hear the siren. Patrolman Catalano was thrown from his patrol car and incurred fatal head injuries.

Patrolman Catalano had served with the Mayfield Heights Police Department for four years. He was described as "devoted to his duty." Officer Catalano was serviced by his wife, Elizabeth, and his three-year-old daughter Janice, parents Carmine and Louise, and a brother and sister.

Catalano Drive, off of Lander Road, was named in memory of Patrolman Catalano. A memorial stone was placed on the street's cul-de-sac island commemorating his service to the city.

Nicholas Catalano's name is inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. on panel 44,  west wall, line 13.

Thank You for Your Service

Gregory MichlSergeant Gregory J. Michl

Service: 1994-2011

The City of Mayfield Heights lost a proud and loyal member of its Safety Forces on March 6, 2011. Sergeant Gregory J. Michl began working for the Mayfield Heights Police Department on March 4, 1990. He was appointed to the Traffic Bureau on April 27, 1994, promoted to Sergeant on August 27, 1999, and proudly served the City of Mayfield Heights until March 4, 2011. Sergeant Michl established the highly successful Juvenile Diversion program, revamped the Auxiliary Unit, worked as the School Resource Officer at the Mayfield Middle School, and was a member of the SPAN Traffic Unit.

Sergeant Michl fought a courageous and inspirational battle against cancer, working throughout his treatment. The City of Mayfield Heights and all who were fortunate to know Sergeant Michl will be forever enriched by his love, friendship, and service.